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Wherein a person achieves a decidedly different perspective of the world and redefine their views on baggy clothing once and for all. usuallly achieved with the effects of soda, either unlabeled or sold in 24 packs.

Being shrunken has become a permanent condition for two (or is it three?) of Lomgren's characters.

Shrink Soda

Acts very quickly after the drinker consumes some. Victims of shrinking using this method are doll sized for the next two hours, then rapidly grow back to normal size. While it has not actually been described, the flavor is quote 'amazingly tasty'.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective and/or fetishes), no method yet exists for shrinking the clothing at the same time, unless one is using magic, which has its own section elsewhere, or at least should.

Amazingly, the real world has created a cocktail named after Shrink Soda. This beverage is highly alcoholic, and claims only to shrink one's brain. We think ours is more fun.

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